Probe Ultrasonic


Probe Ultrasocator is a used of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid multi-effect, multi-purpose instrument . It used a veriety of animals and plants , viruses cells ,bacteria and tissue fragme-nation, and can be used to emulsification , separation ,smoothing ,extraction antifoaming ,clear nano-materials preparation ,    dispersion,and speed up chemical reaction instrument are widely used in biology , microbiology ,physics ,zoology ,agriculture , pharmaceutical ,chemical  wastewater treatment, nano-materials.

Features :

  • Large screen LCD Display
  • Microcomputer control ,operational data store 50 groups
  • Ultrasonic time ,ultrasonic power can be set up to 999 min.
  • Ultrasonic power automatically detect,prevent ultrasonic power with the sample temperature control to prevent overheating
  • Frequency automatic tracking , automatic fault  alarm.

Application :

  • Biological / biotech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Environmental
Model APU 250                      APU 500
Frequency (Khz) 20-25Hz Atomatic Tracking
Power (W) adjustable 5-250W                        10-500W
Probe (mm) Ø 6
Optional probe (mm) Ø 2,Ø 3,Ø 8,Ø 10         Ø2,Ø3,Ø8,Ø10,Ø12
Process Capacity (ml) 0.2-300                        0.2-500
Store Data 50 set
Total Working Temperature 1-999 minutes
Temp.Alarm Ramge 0-100c
instrument protection function over-temp
Duty-ratio 0.1-99.9%
Display LCD Display
Power Requirements 230 vac,+-20%,50-60 Hz
Diamension (LxWxH) 600x500x300mm
Weight Approx 30 KG