Melting Point Apparatus


AMP 2A/2 melting point apparatus is an automatic , uncomplicated,and accurate process for determining a sample,s melting point. The starting temperature and heating rate are selected with a touch of the function keys .Simply place 1-3mg into disposable  sample tube and insert into instrument;the rest is automatic . when the melting point is achieved , a visual and audible  single is given and temperature is displayed .The AMP 2A /2 make used the optical behavior of sentances to detect thier melting point is i.e .,it measures the reflection of incident light in the crystaline state and the increase in ligth transmittance while heating .RS-232C interface capability allows connection to the CPR02 printer for GLP application

Feature :

  • Photo Electric Detection
  • Large Backlite LCD display
  • RS-232 interface
  • Measurement of 3 samples simultaneously (Optional).
  • Display of initial and final melting point
  • Calculation of average value  of initial and final melting point
  • Platinum resister for the precise temperature measurement
  • Capillary sample tube as stipulated by pharmacopoeia
  • Software for computer interface (optional)

Application :
Melting Point Apparatus measures the melting point of a substance     i.e the temperature at which
the state of the substance changes from solid to liquid .
The actual melting point ia an indication of the purity of a substance and hence an ideal tool for the quality control of medicines,perfumes,dyestuff and other organic crystaline substance

Model AMP No.
Melting Point Measurement range  Room Temparature 300 C
Minimum Digital Display 0.1 C
Linear Heating up rate 0.2,0.5,1.0,2,3,4,5 C/min
Accuracy <200 C:+- 0.5C ,200 300 C :+- 0.8 C
power Requirement 230 Vac,+-20%,50 60Hz
Dimentions(LxWxH) 510x380x360mm
Weight Approx 11kg