Magnetic Hot Plate


Experience the latest technology of stirring with "MAC" Ceramic Coated Magnetic Stirrer. Equipped with LED display for set and actual temperature. Available with external PT-100 sensor (optional) for precise control of temperature with on accuracy of ±1°C. Separate safety circuits and warning indications, for over temperature even in the switch "OFF" condition.

MODEL #MSHP-280(2) #MSHP-550(5)
Dimensions of Works Plate Ø135 184x184mm
Plate Material Ceramic Coated Glass Ceramic
Stirring Cap. [H2O], L 2 - 3 Ltrs. 5 Ltrs.
Speed Range / Display 100 - 1500 rpm/LED 0-1500rpm/Scale
Heating Output (W) 500 watts 1000 watts
Heating Temp. Range (?C)/Safety Cut Off     Ambient to 280oC/320oC Ambient to550oC/580oC
Temp Display LED LED