Fume Hood For Laboratories


Fume hood is essential item in a morden Laboratory 'SMC' Fume hoods are manu factured in Two basic materials.

Complete Steel : Fume Hoods are made from best  quality C.R.C.A Sheets (Cold Rolled cold annealed low carbone steel sheets ) of specified thickness and duly finished with epoxy powder coating .

Complete Wood :  Fume Hoods are made of well-seasoned teakwood and marine plywood panels.Outer surface are lined with laminate.

Inner Lining : Options Fume hoods (Both steel & Wood )are available with variety of lining like
polypropylene (P.P),P.P./F.R.P,P.V.C.,S.S.,phenolicres in laminates etc.

Work Top Options : Granites,S.S.,P.V.C.,P.P.,imported jointless ceramic ,ceramic Tiles.

Shutter Options : Vertical , Horizontal ,Vertical-Horizontal combined.

Blower : Centrifugal Type chemical & heat resistant Exhaust  Blowers are fabricated out of P.V.C./P/P/F.R.P.

With aerodynamically balanced impeller with drain plug . Available in different capacity depending  on fume hood size.

Ducting : Chemical resistant Ducting with bends , brackets , supports and goose neck exhaust stack/weather-proof canopy .

Ducting Material : P.V.C./P/P/F.R.P./H.D.P.E.

Diameter of Ducting : Suitable for exhaust     system of required Fume hood .

Fume Hoods Types :

Conventional constant volume Fume Hood

Automatic by pass Fume Hood

Auxiliary type Fume Hood

Walk in type Fume Hood

Choices of Fume hoods size

1200mmL x 1000mm D x2250mm H

1500mmL x 1000mm D x2250mm H

 1800mmL x 1000mm D x2250mm H