Bench Top pH Meter


Bench Top pH Meter operates using batteries or AC adapter. The pH Meter is featured with a liquid crystal display that facilitates ease of operation. The pH Meter is facilitated with automatic pH buffer recognition, electrode slope recognition and electrode slope recognition. Bench Top pH Meter has a built in buffer that is temperature coefficient.

SMC Instruments is the manufacturer of Bench Top pH Meter. SMC Instruments is the supplier of instrumentation & automation products and laboratory and electronic equipment, comprising of digital flow meter, digital monometer, hydraulic dead weight tester and magnetic level switches.

Key Features of Bench Top pH Meter

  • Liquid crystal display
  • Ease of operation
  • Automatic pH buffer recognition
  • Electrode offset recognition
  • Electrode slope recognition
  • Has a built in buffer that is temperature coefficient
  • Power supply: Batteries or AC adapter