Muffle Furnace


Product Description

  • Light weight with ceramic fibre wool insulation.
  • Triple walled with outer casing and inner wall made of double walled thick P.C.R.C. sheet, duly painted.
  • Heating elements are made of KANTHAL wire backed by cerwool insulation.
  • A viewing cap is also provided on the door.
  • With the distinguished Autotune Digital PID controller, it provides precise control of temperature.
  • Available in three different working ranges with maximum working temperature range upto 11500C.
  • Temperature range upto 9000C (Maximum 10000C)
  • Temperature range upto 10000C (Maximum 10500C)
  • Temperature range upto 11500C (Maximum 12000C)
  • Overload safety cut-off provided as a standard feature.
  • Very suitable for various purposes like gravimetric analysis for organic substance and measurement of quantity for coal and lime
  • With the distinguished Autotune Digital P.I.D. Controller, it provides precise control of temperature.
  • By the highly efficient heater insulated in the chamber, it heats the materials uniformly.
  • With this excellent features. It surely reduces time of temperature climb.
  • By using the high density ceramic wool as a insulator, it maintains consistent temperature and minimal heat dissipation.