Improved Densitometer


For Optical Density of Films, Foils, Paper etc.

TRANS-4V: Black & White TransmissionDensitometer (with built-in light source)

TRANS-4V is a battery operated hand-held black and white Transmission Densitometer with built-in light source. It has achieved the accuracy and stability not so far offered in portable / field instruments. Its size and shape makes it an ideal portable instrument for use in the plant or in the field as well as in the laboratory.
The TRANS-4V has its own light source and TRANS-4E has an external sensor with 1meter cable. It is used with an external light source, like a film viewer. Key pad controls for POWER, LAMP, ZERO and READ operations make these instruments very easy to use. Just press READ & ZERO to set zero. Insert film and press READ to get optical density D.Advanced low power circuitry allows a long charge life for the rechargeable batteries without sacrificing performance.
  • Built-in light source (Trans-4V)
  • Press-button operation
  • Portable, battery operated
  • Auto ZERO
  • Excellent repeatability

These easy to use compact instruments measure optical density of films mostly used for X-Ray films and
printing/photography films. These Densitometers have a range of 0 to 4 D with an accuracy of 0.01D.
They are quite rugged and designed for industrial use.  with “V”   Shaped
Trans-4V is Improved Densitometer with V shaped arm, press arm to Read and auto OFF.
Trans-4E is Densitometer with external (one metre cable) probe / sensor for use on external light source
like Viwer or Light Table etc. The probe carries a read button to take a reading. It works from ordinarey
Dry Cells / Penlte cells. Trans-4E also has auto off   function.

Colour Response Black & White only
Light source Built-in Sensor & Lamp
External Sensor (1 M cable)
Light Source e.g. viewer required
Measuring Range
Measuring Area (aperture)
Measuring Length (throat depth)
Measuring Accuracy
0.00D to 4.00D
  2.0 mm dia
150mm (TRANS-4V)
+-  0.02D
Stability --- Zero
--- Slope
+- 0.02D per 8 hrs max
+-1% per 6 months m
 Temperature ---   Operating
  --- Storage
10-C to 50-  C
 -30-C to 50-C
Display 3 ½ digit LCD (10 mm
Key pad controls ON, ZERO, PRESS TO READ
Battery Life Approximately 1000 readings. Auto Off
Battery Check LOW BAT legend in display
Size L190 x W78 x H50 mm
Weight with batteries ~ 700 Grams