Rotary Evaporator


Product Description

The ARE Series Rotary Evaporator meets highest applicative demands in R&D and quality control.The controller as well as a wide range of other optional products,vacuum pumps,recirculating chillers ,
glassware and accessories enable the highest degree of efficiency and fully automated operations.


  • 6 different types of flasks are attachable (from 50ml to 3000ml).
  • Digital speed control
  • Digital R.P.M.Display
  • Vertical / Slanting type condenser
  • Digital interior temperature changes caused by the interior pressure drops .
  • Motorized UP-Down control switch .
  • Easy to utilize standard distillation  solution.

Distinguished Features :

  • if the amount of water goes down under the certain threshold in the heating bath , the system automatically turns off its power the safety purpose
  • Double jacketed bath body (Safe to touch)

Your most important benefits :

  • Reproducible
  • Maximum reproducibility guaranteed by display of vapor temperature and rotation speed
  • Temperature range of the heating bath (35-180c)

Included Water bath HS-3001

(PTFE Coating) :

  • Heater :1000W
  • Bath Water :SS304
  • Weight:2.8 kg
  • Bath Dimensions (*H)mm :245*120(capacity:4.3L)

Diaphragm Pump For Air,Gases and Vapour :
Technical features

  • 100%oil-free transfer
  • Pure transfer ,evacuation and compression
  • Highly compatible with vapors and condension
  • Therefore suitable for highly aggressive and corrosive gases or vapors
  • Maintenance-free
  • Environmentally Friendly
Temp.Control Range Amb.~180 C Amb.~180 C
Temp.Setting / Display Digital Control (controlled by the main controller) Digital Control (controlled by the main controller)
Speed Control Range 20~280 R.P.M. 20~280 R.P.M.
Power Requirements

230 Vac,+- 20%, 50-60 Hz

230 Vac,+- 20%, 50-60 Hz
Dimentions(LxWxH) 620 X 410 X 870 mm 730 X 410 X 360mm
Weight Approx 19.5 kg 21 kg